• Hi,

    I was using a more complex setup and seeing a trigger problem, So I reduced it down to this.
    I have a simple picture player going to a projector (only 2 actors). In changing the pictures I see the trigger output double hits about every other time or so.
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    A trigger has two states ON and OFF so when you trigger it it will indeed send both and ON and a OFF trigger.

    To stop this then you can do a few things - the easiest is to put a trigger divider actor in between.
    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks, but sorry it still looks strange. It's a simple Picture Player with a Dissolve (I also added moving video later though). if you watch the Envelope Generator in Scene 1 it's not a smooth left to right. It sometimes hiccups. Then watch the Env Gen in Scene 2 and it's smooth.

    Scene 1 is how I use it. I tap on a Pic and it changes.


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    Hi @craigw
    I tried your file.. but I am not seeing what you were mentioning.. maybe because I am on Windows? Or perhaps because of the media I replaced yours with.. I didn't have any files with alpha.

  • Hmm, I tried Jpegs only, and the same thing happens. Maybe it is a Mac thing.

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    I think I am unclear as to what you are wanting to occur.
    I get a soft fade from black each time I change the picture #.
    Are you doing a crossfade? If so the patch is not working correctly in the pre-release I am running.

  • The stills should cross fade to the next pic smoothly. Scene 1 if I watch the Picture player trigger it doesn't hit once on each change, most of the times it'll hit twice. That causes the Envelope Gen to not run smoothly through it's function.

    If I go to scene 2 and trigger the top left delay trigger it is completely smooth.