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    We are rehearsing for a new show and I am preparing a moving mapping following the movement of a white cardboard, manipulated by a dancer on stage (see pictures). I begun with a very simple Izzy patch with the two positions and enveloppes to 3D quad distort, but, as you can see in the pictures, the real movement is more complicated.
    To be more precise, i studied the real movement, and I am working on two ways:
    – using a 3D device, like 3D player with a plane made in Cinema4D or 3D quad distort with 3D stage orientation. But I cannot fit together the reality (I use in my studio a virtual image of the cardboard made in Cinema4D) and my projection, because there is no real separation between object movement and camera movement and I need more explicit mesure for movement.
    – using 3D quad distort with the equation of movement, in this case approximatively x=a*cos(t+c), y=b*sin(t+c), with a/b depending on the azymut of the beamer, c depending on the elevation of the beamer. It works but I have big problems with the impossibility to have real explicit coordinates of the corner. Each one it's differently calculated, leading to very complicated calculus between changing of direction, changing of scale etc.
    I know the problem is very specific, but i have yet sold the idea as productible to the choreographer…
    Any experience? Any idea?
    I work on a prototype in Max/Jitter with the jit.gl.pincorner object, but I would prefer to use Isadora, the show will tour without me and my max licence.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    All the best,

    b1719c-parlementarmentieres413.jpg ee9b76-parlementarmentieres414.jpg c87cb0-parlementarmentieres415.jpg 3e526b-movingmapping.izz

  • Izzy Guru


    Is the speed and angle/position of the moving canvas always the same? I mean for every show or does the actor move it different every time?


  • The speed is not exactly the same, depending of the dancer feeling… But I will make a manual following for the movement. It's the same position in the same theater, but changing from stage to stage, depending on beamer hanging etc. The beamer is used for another effects.

    I am doing it in Jitter at the moment, I join the patch
    Best, Jacques