Feature Request: Initialize Indicator

  • I use the "Initialize" feature a lot on actors, and it's challenging to track and manage because I can't see at a glance if Initialize is enabled or not.  Currently, the only way to tell is if you double-click the parameter's name, and look at the pop-up window to see if the Initialize box is checked.

    How about adding a visual indicator next to the parameter if "initialize" is enabled?  It could be a very simple dot or checkmark just after the parameter name... anything that shows there's a hidden setting that's active.  I'm guessing this would be fairly easy to implement, and would save a TON of time in programming and troubleshooting.

  • Great idea. I second this one.  :)

  • Really great idea. I third it!

  • nice idea!

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    Great idea!

  • I just wanted to post this feature request. 

    Glad somebody came up with the same idea earlier on! :–)

    I really miss this feature very much.

    Maybe tint the initialized value? 

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    @Keve  said:

    How about adding a visual indicator next to the parameter

    I agree, this is a great idea! 

    There is the control ID number in the parameter setting window that places a visual indicator as an extension on the actors input, so a visual indicator of the initialize parameter would be helpful. I think it would also be helpful to think about redesigning the basic Isadora actor block or UI so that all of these parameter settings are visible all of the time and can be checked and manipulated directly on the actor or a persistent parameter panel. The parameters like 'Scale min' and 'Scale max' have such a significant impact on how an individual actor functions. I know it might be too much going on the face of it, and it would disrupt the current Ui/UX, but it is also a great design challenge to think about.

    best wishes