Isadora 2.0 - Responses and Reactions from the Community

  • @eight
    can you submit that as a feature request for tech review?

  • FYI for all early adopters there is an important online knowledge base article about movie playback in version 2.0.

    Please take the time to have a look. It goes a long way to helping users understand how to optimise their playback in the new Movie Player with different clip codecs. Movies will run with either AVFoundation or Quicktime depending on the codec of the clip that you load and the whether you select use of either the 'performance' or the 'interaction' mode on the Movie Player.


  • @xenia

    Thought so. Re-sending right now, thanks.

    Edit: I just sent it one more time, yet, every single time I had a confirmation screen and you tell me there was no ticket. Could you let me know if everything went OK? My registered name is Ignacio Carreres. Thanks in advance.

  • @primaldivine Submitted.

  • Primaldivines's link not working for me...

    Thx, John

  • Tech Staff

  • Tech Staff


    I fixed the link.


  • hey Izzy team,

    many thanks for version 2, it is a pleasure to map directly in isadora
    a favorite is the published intensity of the maps inside of the  projector actor
    a fragmented stage setting can be build without messing around with to many projectors
    working with the new ffgl interface and the fx from resolute etc. is great, 
    specially when it is not sure if final patch shall run on osx or win
    would it be possible to get a roadmap for the next evolution steps of isdaora ?
    we know it is a critical part not to raise the expectations, 
    pushing the new development steps and fixing bugs
    with that wide range of supported operating systems 
    is a hard job.
    ( actually i don't know any other package capable to run on low os x 
    but on the same time giving the great new features of recent systems in our hand)
    anyway many thanks for your hard work
    greetings from good old berlin
    oscar & clemens

  • Tech Staff

    I believe Mark will publish a roadmap when the official public release of version 2.0 is out. :)

  • I did a installation in old movie theater that ran 10 days without any problems. Video 1280x900 projector native. Clips ProRes422 and pictures PNG with alpha. All sound frequency controlled. Moreover I used my old early 2008 MBP with 512 VRAM.

    Very impressive.

  • I've been away from the forum for a little while, but it was great to see the new version and the mapping possibilities.

    However, I think I'm being a fool here but I can't seem to bring up the izzymap window - double clicking just collapses the actor as it always has - somebody enlighten me please!

  • Tech Staff


    I believe if you have installed the 2x prerelease that you are running the 1 series of Isadora.
    This is a little confusing I admit.
    To gain access to the 2.x features you must first join the early bird adopters program. Details can be found here:

  • Thanks for the reply - so to be clear - you have to purchase the upgrade before you can try these out

  • Tech Staff

    Yes, or you can wait until the official release (its still a beta/pre-release) when a Demo version will be made available.

  • love the whole look and feel of the new izzy, could never get it to work with maddmapper, now its just doing it....wonderfull, good stuff mark, happy to contribute and there's not to many products out there that that can be said of.