How does a computer know there's an audience in?

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    LOL @mark that's epic!

  • @mark "somehow I have a special relationship with machines. It has very often happened (in workshops mainly) that someone has a problem, and then I walk over to look, and somehow it has magically fixed itself -- seemingly due to my presence near the computer."

    whenever i read 'Mark All Viewed' it makes me think of mr C. as some kind of deity!

  • enjoying this thread :)

  • I got a quick story

    I was hired to recreate an old piece by Nam June Paik last month.
    The piece was called "Three Camera Participation" an elegant live video interactive piece with three cameras producing a single channel out of three camera inputs that are specially offset. (No izzy)
    During the install I got to a roadblock; no matter what I did I was getting video noise and glitching in the system.
    I spent the better part of the afternoon slowly going through each cable and connection...
    In the end there was a small two foot cord that seemed to be defying the laws of physics -- with no connection running through the cable whats so ever it would produce signal.
    I think it was Mr. Paik comeback to screw with me a little... :-)
    And of course the next day the cable produces no signal, and the piece worked fine... 

  • This weekend, we're performing in Theatr Harlech, a run-down venue in a stunning location between the sea and the mountains. We got here the other evening and helped set up for a film screening, couldn't get the PA to work. I eventually traced the issue to the speakers, where someone had unlocked the Speakon cable, but not removed it. I've since found out that this happens regularly. There have been sightings of 2 old men in there, sometimes the piano gets played in an empty stage. There's always 2 seats down in the morning, no matter how the seats are left at night. Our dancers are a little bit worried about spending the day there today. I'm looking forward to it.....

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    @dbini  this is a crazy story!

    You should set up a time lapse overnight! PLEASE! haha

  • It wasn't as spooky as the people at the venue made out. Tanja spent quite a while doing some shamanic energy work and seemed to make friends with whoever was there. we heard the toilets flushing in the men's dressing room a few times, despite there being nobody else in the building at the time, but the auditorium seats were all up when we arrived the next morning. no problems with the show, in fact, on the day of the show, it wasn't even cold in there. (its a concrete building and the heating's broken, so its always cold in there)

    we're applying for some funding to spend more time up there next year and do a variety of projects, so i can let you know if anything supernatural occurs...