Show media at actual size

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering if there's a way in Isadora to display a media file at its actual resolution as opposed to being stretched to fill the stage. For example, I have a 1400x1050 stage, and in my scene I drop a picture player and connect it to a projector. I set the picture player to a media file that's 400x300 pixels. Currently this image is then stretched to occupy the entire stage. Instead of this, I want the image to be displayed at its 'actual' resolution in relation to the stage. (I have the Keep Aspect Ratio setting on so there's no distortion occurring; it's simply a matter of overall scale.)
    I want this functionality because I am using multiple separate images that fade up independently but are all part of one final image. The final image was pre-composed in Photoshop and sliced up into images (with different sizes and aspect ratios). When I bring these into Isadora I don't want to have to manually scale each one since they'd have unique scale factors. It's a headache. I want them to all be displayed at the right scale in relation to each other since the original media files are already correct.

    I hope this all makes sense... Any thoughts?

    Is there a way perhaps to make the 'zoom' parameter be in relation to the original media size and not the stage size? Then a zoom of 100% would be exactly what I'm looking for :)


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