• Does anyone know what this means or how it can be fixed?

    A student at the school I'm teaching at has come across this with their show file. I believe they were in the process of trying to revert and now their show file will only open to this. The show has been built in Isadora 1.3.1.f06 on a MacBook Pro Retina running Mavericks.

    I've tried to open the file in several other versions of Isadora and get the same message. Any thoughts appreciated.

    Thanks very much.



  • Tech Staff

    Hi Cam,

    Please submit a bug report here: http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/ and I will try to help you with the trouble file.

  • Dear Cam,

    Mac OS System Error -19 is means "readErr Driver can't respond to Read call" -- this means that Isadora is having trouble reading the file -- i.e,. that it is corrupted in some way. Did they by any chance move the file from a PC to a Mac when this happened?
    Best Wishes,