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  • Hello jhoepffner,

    great tool the STreader - can you explain how to find the real file path of the textfile in the terminal - i took the path from the finder and put it in the -trigger text- actor - but like you said it doesn`t work

    thank you!
    ciao Bodo

  • Hello Bodo,

    You open the terminal, you drag and drop the file in the terminal, it give you the full path of your file.
    Copy and paste.
    That's all…

  • Bonjour Jacques,

    J'ai un projet de théâtre en multi-écran/ sous titres mais je ne comprend pas l'histoire avec le terminal et le real file path.
    J'utilise ISADORA 10.5.3 en pre release et version démo.
    Lorsque j'ouvre l'actor cette fenêtre apparait .
    Merci pour l'aide , je suis débutant ...
    Translated by @skulpture
    _I have a project of multi-screen theater / subtitles but I do not understand the story with the terminal and the real file path. _
    _I use 10.5.3 ISADORA in pre release and demo. _
    _When I open the actor window appears. _
    _Thank you for the help, I am a beginner ..._

  • Bonjour Xavier,

    le terminal est utilisé pour connaitre le chemin exact du fichier texte (à partir de la racine du système), p.e. "/Volumes/Saisies33/Lenio/Lenio01bis.txt" et non le chemin relatif qui serait à partir du document Isadora "Lenio01bis.txt", si le fichier texte est dans le même dossier que le fichier Isadora.
    Sinon, quelle fenêtre apparait?

    A part cela mon example est un prototype, à adapter à son propre usage et au formatage de texte personnel…

    Hello Xavier,
    Terminal is used to know the exact path of the text file (from the system root), like "/Volumes/Saisies33/Lenio/Lenio01bis.txt" and not the relative path from the Isadora file like "Lenio01bis.txt"
    What window appears?
    Be carreful, my proposition is a prototype, it's necessary to adapt it for your needs.

    What is your language, french or english?


  • Hi Jacques,

    Thanks for your answer .
    When i open the STreader a window appeared ( Locate missing File)
    and  then these window in attached file .
    I don't understand how you put the text file in isadora .
    (i am french)


  • Tech Staff

    The texture actors listed are something you can ignore, simply replace themm with standard Movie Player / Projectors.
    However the ReadTextFromFile actor is a custom actor available as a download in the forum here.

    I have used this plugin and it works well for me.