• Hello Everybody, 

    I´m running Isadora 2 on a MacPro 3,7GHz Quad-Core.
    When FADE in the "JUMP-object" is set to zero, it sometimes happens that there is no seamless switch from one scene to the next.
    For a very short time Isadora shows a black picture when jumping between the scenes. Which is rather annoying....
    I tried several codecs (HAP, ProRes, PhotoJPEG), resolutions (HD, SD) and also PB-engines (AV, QT), but nothing helped...
    Maybe anybody has an idea how to solve this?
    best, christoph
  • Izzy Guru

    Could you take a screen shot of your patch please?


  • Yep,

    here you are. It´s a very very simple patch. Yesterday, during the show, izzy made a "black flash" when jumping from this scene to the next. The next scene is exactly the same patch, just another movie (with the same codecs, size, etc...).


  • Tech Staff

    Can you confirm that you are running 2.0.5 ?

  • Yes, 2.0.5.

  • Beta Platinum

    Did you try preload scene?

  • Dear @hoec,

    This should not happen, so we will investigate this further. Please let us know the resolution of the video you are attempting to play.
    As suggested above, please try using the "Preload Scene" actor at least 1 second before the jump. See if that allows you to alleviate the problem for the time being.
    Best Wishes,