• Hi guys

    I am in the middle of a re-design and one of the changes I want to make is to have a circular projection area rather than the normal rectangle.
    So I will make a mask for it. 
    My question is,... as I want this effect on every scene, do I have to go to each individual scene (there are a lot) to make this happen or is there some way of inserting a mask on the 'stage'
    I hope that makes sense.
  • Tech Staff

    I don't believe there is any global stage setting that will allow 'masking'.

    If you have any user actors that appear in each scene.. you could add a mask within it on the highest layer and that should appear in every scene once you save and update all.

  • Cool

    Thanks DusX, I've never used a user actor. #KickingMyselfNow :(
  • Tech Staff

    I highly suggest learning to use them.
    They will allow very clean easy to update designs in Isadora.

  • Will do and thanks again


  • Hello,

    Activated background scene, using broadcaster/listener for video is my solution concerning global masking/mapping.
    But user actor stay a necessity to learn and use!