• Maybe a simple question .....

    i would like to merge, and not add, multiple video layers (more than 20) in one, similar to photoshop.
    I am not sure, it looks like there is a limit of 20 layers at the projectors.
    perhaps there is other simple solution in stead of using the projectors
    any proposle is more than welcome

  • Does 20 Player-Projector patch work smooth?

  • maybe i didn't described well enough ...  i would like to stack live animated objects like lines or other circles, like a painting one stroke over the next. I am generating the lines/objects step by step and freezing them for the projector in different layers.

    So here I'm limited by the numbers of layer. ... the system is running with 8 projectors right now. 
    i haven't different idea or approach .....  
  • Tech Staff


    You are not limited by the layer settings. Isadora processes everything from left to right and top to bottom. That means the top right "movie player/projector" will be layered underneath the "movie player/projector" on the right side or underneath of it.

    See attached image, two screenshot showing that only changing the order gives you a different result. Both projectors are set to layer 0. Though if you change the physical order you have to leave the scene and re-enter to see the changes. Using the layer settings and the order of the actors gives you unlimited possiblities imho.

    Best Michel

  • thanks ... i wasn't aware of that, this will help.  Does this mean, there is no other approach for merging layers?


  • Effects Mixer?

  • yes, i tried this with addmax/addovr.  The Mixer is adding the line crossing to max RGB /white. I would like to keep the last color overall and use the layer of the projectors.

  • Hello,

    Understanding more or less what you want, I will give a try to Processing via Syphon, You can create and delete as many lines, circle, rectangle you want and, via OSC, you can move it, change color etc.
    I made a very quick and dirty sample, hope that works for you…


  • i am generating the lines via sound, starting, ending and bended form (non linear).

    this is my line-generator. i hope this helps in understanding
     the 3d approach i haven't tried and no cue for the bended form.
    The charm on the 3 d approach is the option for further processing