Edge blend masks

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    Within a single stage, the only option I can think of is to make a smooth gradient (either from a gradient FFGL), or an image file.

    Then add the alpha to existing video streams, with the Add Alpha actor.. 
    Probably need to play around with options for placement and scale... but something could be figured out.

  • @Stefano, I don't get why you need blending inside a mask. Blending is useful when you need to combine 2 projectors, so it is intended for the borders between projectors.

  • @Armando scusa ma il mio inglese non va tanto bene. .... In effetti non trovo molte info su come lavorare con lo stage setup per avere una imagine completa su 2 vidéo proiettori. Adesso ci sono riuscito ma volevo sapere come fate voi. Bref penso che non faccio un buon procedimento. Comunque sono a Montréal. .. vieni à vedere cold blood à l'usinec ?

  • @Armando, blending inside a mask is useful when you need edges like qc fade edge do ! If you know Millumin, Madmapper or other, you should know they can do it ! But I like to much Izzy I want to work with it !

  • you can create a mask with faded edges in photoshop and use it as an alpha mask, it will do what you want and you will have good control over the edges and drop off rate.

  • @Fred, Thanks Fred, I'll try. It should be great to have this option on masks in Izzy ... !

  • @dduke. I don't have qc fade. But I know illumine and I'd love to have feather on edges......

  • Anyone has made a der request on feather edges of the mask?

  • Yes, please Mark ! And I have another request : we had a lot of actors working with cpu. Gpu give us a real power, I made a installation with 20 HAP 720p movies at the same time on one macbook pro with two beams and logicx and it's working well (40fps !!!) !!!  With gpu we lose a lot of actors. Do you know when we'll recover them in gpu or a ffgl collection ? Maybe in the next Izzy version ?

  • @Armando i made a feature request for feather edges in Izzy Map quite a while ago.

  • Tech Staff

    @dduke @Armando @gapworks

    Dear all, with every new release you will find a bunch of new gpu actors that replace the old ones. Next release is very close. The feather edges is in the todo list, but I can't give you a schedule about that.

    Best Michel