Izzy Map Globally over Many Scenes

  • Dear Mark,

    the behavior is like Reinhard said - my workaround for now is just to ad an actor in to the user actor (with no conection to anything) do the mappingchanges and close the user actor - then the dialog will show up (next time i delete the actor againe) - on monday i will be back on the showcomputer and will send you the patch - thank you!

    ciao Bodo

  • I would find a global Map layer extremely helpful.

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    I like @Woland user actor and set globals approach - thanks Bob. However, isn't the issue that the IzzyMap 'Input' settings are not publishable? Would it be possible to have a quad distort points published for the IzzyMap Input?
    The only way I can see to propagate the same IzzyMap 'Input' settings is to broadcast scene output using 'Broadcaster' actor and 'Listener' actor (as suggested by J Hoepffner earlier in this thread) to a control scene to have them pass through the same projector actors and mapping interface.