• Hi all ! I want to know if is possible to manipulate with Izzymap the diferents layers from a psd file? Or have to import the whole layers independently and then organize them ? Best Maxi

  • To my knowing, you cannot manipulate layers in Isadora, you have to separate them and import separately.

  • Thank you Jacques !! I imagine ....another question , the stage set up works for all the patches ? Therefore any modificactions Will affect any patch ? Best Maxi

  • There is (was?) a quartz composer plugin called CogePSDLayers which allows you to do just that. Mac only of course.

    It was available on the Coge forums but they seem to be down at the moment - not sure if this is permanent.
    Maybe someone on here has a copy of the plugin?

  • Thanks gavspav !! i will search. Best Maxi