Reliable WiFi Webcam (or small cam)

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    If the url in a browser will only move it in one direction, there is a issue with the url
    Looking at your patch, everything looks good to me. Except that the single quotes around 1, probably are not needed.
    I would remove these in the browser and test again.

  • Absolute positioning moves in one direction to the specified position. Use camera co-ordinate url or incremental url instead to move relative to the camera centre. Take everything I’ve posted and experiment using the various different URL structures in the post further up til you find the right combination to fit what you want to do.

    ie: Take:
     "GET /service/galileo/position?absolute='1'&pan=" **P1** "&tilt=" **P2** " HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\n\r\n
    And experiment with replacing absolute=‘1’ with convert=‘1’, or removing absolute=‘1’& altogether so the Stream Control line reads:
       "GET /service/galileo/position?pan=" P1 "&tilt=" P2 " HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\n\r\n
    ...and experiment with positive and negative values for P1 and P2.
    The single quotes around absolute=‘1’, convert=‘1’ etc are correct and definitely required. These are all lifted direct from Airbeam’s own web interface JS library.

  • Hello

    I've just got a Galileo from ebay after discover from this thread.
    Bad news is that it got discontinued after my order, it's not possible to download the Motrr app anymore...
    Anyway, I downloaded Airbeam so I can connect to the galileo through it.
    But I think i've have the same problem than @gapworks . The "tilt" parameter only is responding (but i can move it both direction: clockwise and counterclockwise). Also the "Tilt" function is actually working as a Pan...
    Did you get more lucky with that ?

  • @Maxime Not yet as i am touring, But working on it as soon as i can as i need it for a production. My main goal is where do you get the Information "what to shoot as a http request ;(

    I can `shoot`now but ?!? 

  • @gapworks I had some "improvements" with the situation:
    If I use the incremental version of the position it works fine, even from Isadora, and the commandes appears to be in the good order as in:
     "GET /service/galileo/position?pan=" **P1** "&tilt=" **P2** " HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\n\r\n"
    But still no change for the absolute positioning (which is the feature I would like to use...)
    So to me I would really think there's something with the airbeam version or the Motrr SDK version they are using
    I have  Airbeam v 2.1.4 (build5)
    Since it seems to work properly for you @Marci , I'm curious to know which version you're using