[Solved] Video don't plays smoothly, while Isadora shows more then 50FPS.

  • Hmmm, I have definatley seen not so great performance but I dont know if I noticed the same things as you have seen. What are you using to convert your files?

  • Tech Staff

    I would look at your backround services, perhaps you have some utility that is interrupting to manage some aspect of your system. Even a virus scanner may cause intermittent interrupts. Also, be sure you are playing at a framerate that matches your hardware.

  • Guys, I think I found the culprit.
    Videofiles supposed to be native ProResLT 1280 x 720 files, were 12.. x 7.. real size (some fancy resolution,I don't remember replaced files) and 1280 x 720 display size. I don't know how I managed to do such things when I exported my medias (shame on me).

    So it seems that when movies aren't the same resolution as Isadora's default, rendering is much less efficient (AVFoundation).
    Now, it's almost perfect !

    Thanks all for your answers and advices.