Twin Live-Stream with Syphoner and SyphonScreenCapture: Syphon Receive Actor Issues

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    Hello All,

    I'm trying to help a friend create a double live stream setup but am having some Syphon problems. Please find a diagram of my setup below. 

    The issues are that:

    a) Isadora is crashing a lot when I am selecting which Syphon Simple Server instance I want in the Syphon Receiver. (The patch is literally just two Syphon Receive actors; one connected to a Projector actor on Stage 1 and the other connected to a second Projector actor set to Stage 2\. In Preferences, Stage 1 is set to appear on the left half of Display 2 and Stage 2 is set to appear on the right half of Display 2)
    b) Isadora is crashing a lot when I connect a Syphon Receiver to a Projector Actor.
    c) It seems that having two instances of Simple Client open is "confusing" Isadora, (and QLab when I tried that so maybe it's a Syphon issue). What I mean by "confusing" Isadora is that regardless of which of the two Syphon servers I select in the "server" input of the Syphon Receiver actor, Isadora will usually just freeze one of the two streams and both Syphon Receiver actors will act as if that is the only stream. Even though I still have two servers to pick from in the Syphon Receiver actor, clicking on either of them will only, for example give me two frozen versions of the Computer A stream. I think it may have something to do with the two instances having the same name (Syphoner ::: Screen Sharing) but there doesn't seem to be a way to change this.
    A possible solution to my problem is using two different apps to capture the screen sharing and get it into Syphoner. I tried using Syphoner with SyphonScreenCapture like so:

    I was able to get the streams to register separately this way, but then Syphoner kept freezing. Thus, seeing that ScreenCaptureSyphoner was functioning better, I tried using two instances of that and began having the "same name" issue again with the Syphon Receive actor. 
    Does anyone know other programs like Syphoner and SyphonScreenCapture that allows you to capture from other programs? If I could find another one that works well, my problem would be solved. 
    Does anyone know any way to capture from two programs and send it as one syphon server? That would also solve my problem.
    I'm also open to different ways of doing this if anyone has any suggestions on other methods.
    Thanks in advance,
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    @Woland You could try using AirServer to get the two streams into Isadora via 2 X Syphon Receiver. Cheers,

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    I need to look and read into this a bit more but a quick comment and something to try in relation to _" It seems that having two instances of Simple Client open is "confusing" Isadora,..."_
    Try duplicating the Syphoner application and opening them both. See if that works. You may need to rename one as Syphoner 2; this may help Syphon as it may be seeing the same feed or getting confused especially if they the same name.