Video installation in Musée des Arts et Métiers

  • Hello,

    I will exhibit a prototype of my work about body and cartography December 3 and 4 in the beautiful "Arts et Métiers" Museum (center of Paris) inside a project named "corps dessinant" (drawing body).
    For this project I use a kinect V2 for depth mapping and I use, in parallel, Processing and Isadora to do the task with the minimum lag in data and image processing. I made many test with different systems. OpenFrameWorks and Cinder was on my list but it's so difficult to find the good libraries adapted to my particular system (OS, extensions etc.), blob decoder libraries in Processing are too slow and blob tracking in Isadora is so fast…
    I finished to have this system, a little bit complicated but very reactive. No crash at the moment, 10 days before the premiere.
    – Kinect depth data (512X424) and camera images are received in Processing 3 with "Open Kinect for processing Library"
    – Processing make a first analysis of data (threshold, thickness of measuring)
    – Processing send 2 B&W preprocessed depth images to Isadora via 2 Syphon channels (2 different depth)
    – Isadora make a 6 blobs analysis with 2 Eyes++ (3 blobs each) and send xy data to processing via OSC multi-transmit
    – Isadora send still images and videos to Processing via 6 syphon channels
    – Processing send image and data to fragment shader and geometrical data to vertex shader
    – Shader (CPU) do all the task of creating, moving and mixing the image, according to the data
    – Processing send the 1280x800 image to the beamer.
    I obtain a frameRate between 25 and 30 f/s, sufficient for the project, with a total delay of 1/4 second between gesture and image.
    I will publish some images when available.
    I you want to see it, it's free on Sunday 4.
    Have a good coding day,
    Jacques Hoepffner

  • Sounds great, Jacques, and typically complicated ;)

    I look forward to seeing some images.

  • why make simple, when you can do complicated… very bad translation from "pourquoi faire simple, quand on peut faire compliqué!"

  • Izzy Guru

    Sounds brilliant! Cant wait to see some images and/or video!

  • Beta Platinum

    @jhoepffner Best wishes for stable and maintanence free run of your installation in Paris. Is this hands free or do you operate over a specific time frame? Regards, Bonemap

  • @bonemap

    Hopefully, I will be there for the two days and it's presented as a prototype. The computer will not stay alone and free to crash.

  • first image, first flyer 5c6c6e-newslettercorpsgapheerg.jpg