Is there an actor that can be paired with Ci edges to make the outlines "undulate" or wavy?

  • Hi,

    I have an 'edge detection' actor (which pretty much does the same like CI Edges) and an effect called 'Goo' in my ffgl-list. These are not native Izzy actors and might have made the way to me through this list: - when ffgl was new and I grabbed anything I could find. I think it's of the Resolume-Demo, but not sure.
    Might be what you're looking for. best r


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    I am pretty sure Goo is from Resolume.

    There are for sure Shaders out there for that as well

  • well, in corevideo process you have the ci bump actor or some others... don't have my computer here and now but there is some " ci .... distortion" actors that can make it.

  • Can anyone please point me to a GPU edge detection plugin? Reinhard?

  • I have just downloaded and installed the resolume demo and found both 'edge detection' and "goo' plugins not to mention a stack of other interesting looking stuff.

    My new question is, if you will pardon my ignorance, as follows.
    If I  copy the bundle file from the resolume plugin folder to the isadora one it just becomes an alias that does not work.
    I understand the bundle contains directory pathing.
    Is there a simple solution to this??
    Perhaps I should be starting another thread for this too?

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    They can't be alias - I am pretty sure you need to copy the exact file into the directory.

  • I tired that both as drag and drop and cut and paste and on each occasion they are an alias in the IZZ plugin folder.

    If I unpack the bundle and copy just the file the same thing happens

  • see pic below ca2b32-screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-7.48.02-am.png

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    press the "ALT" key while dragging and dropping, then the file gets copied.
    Best Michel

  • I knew there had to be any easy way. Thank you Michel.