Syphon an Iphone with Epoccam

  • I'm brand new to Isadora and I'm building a show where I'd like to use my iphone as a camera. I've successfully done this once with Isadora and Epoccam by Kinoni. My issue is my live stream inputs wont recognize the syphon, and I cant access any servers to choose from in the actor itself. 
    I've read a lot of the syphon topic discussions but a lot of that feels lost on me. 

  • @ThePepperPepper

    To use Epoccam as a Syphon input with Isadora you may need to be running the Epoccam Viewer Pro software in the background - that's how I got it working as a syphon feed into the Isadora 'Syphon Receive' node actor. The iPhone and the computer use the same network. The network conditions may impact on the connection i.e. firewalls etc - I didn't have any issues on a simple wireless LAN.  On another note, I have been unable to get the Epoccam drivers to connect with the iPhone device using Iasdora's Live Capture Settings - even though epoccam appears as a device option. And there is a large branding logo along the lower right corner of the video stream that could be cropped out in Isadora. I haven't tried to connect multiple iOS devices - it suggests upto 4 is possible.

    I downloaded three pieces of Epoccam software to get a video stream into Isadora 1. Mac Drivers Beta 2. iOS App on iPhone 3. Viewer Pro (desktop app with syphon). The Epoccam 'Mac drivers beta' caused Isadora to crash on application start-up ARRGH! - I was hoping to get a video feed input into Isadora Capture Settings (this is how Epoccam worked before Syphon implementation). The driver installer dropped a locked folder called 'EpocCam' into the Library/Application Support folder on my system - after changing the permissions of this folder - unlocking it - Isadora no longer crashed on start-up YAAH!.

  • I have been successfully using ManyCam to get live camera from iPhone into Isadora. This is via Spout on PC but I can't think why it wouldn't work via Syphon on Mac.