• Hello,

    I am looking to control a motorized Pan Tilt Zoom camera with an usb RS485 interface.
    Somebody already try it with isadora ? Because the camera protocol is RS485 "Pelco"( all motorized camera seems to be in "Pelco"), and i don't don't know if the camera will understand the data from " send serial data" actor (?)

    Thank you for your help.



  • Well, first take a look at this page:

    There are some example command strings underĀ "Pelco-D command string examples"
    You can just double click the Send Serial actor, and paste one of these examples into the dialog box.
    Then trigger the actor to see if the PTZ responds.
    If it does, then you'll have to do some work to figure out the messages you want to send. The biggest difficulty is that this protocol requires a checksum -- and, unfortunately, Isadora cannot calculate this for you directly. So it's going to take a bit of work to implement this protocol if you need to go beyond simple messages that are fixed, like the ones in the example above.
    Best Wishes,