Isadora Latin Network. Official release !!

  • Dear friends and colleagues!

    With great joy we are announcing the official launch of the Isadora Latin Network-RIL, conformed by artists, performers, teachers and researchers specialized in multimedia art and technology.

     RIL emerges as a need to generate content, publish projects, publicize activities and multiply actions that are born in our region; from individuals and art collectives to academic and educational instituciones.

    RIL is currently constituted by two nodes: Buenos Aires and Mexico City. See here.

     We have the invaluable support of Mark Coniglio (creator of the Isadora software) to carry out this project, which aims to create new cooperative ties, around multimedia art and technology, within the region and also with the Latin community in Europe and the rest of the world.

     The week of July 31 to August 4 will be held the 3rd Artistic Residence in Interactive Technology. Organized by the team of Research in Applied Technology Dance-InTAD. Our Network will be part of this great event. On the other hand, the second edition of theWerkstatt in Berlin will take place from 9 to 13 August.

     This is part of the current scenario: two very important events, practically simultaneously, and the launch of the Isadora Latina Network, form a virtual bridge of interests and potential collaboration between Latin America and Europe.

     The website is in its final stage of construction, but there is enough content and we want to share it. It is our wish that RIL can continue to expand this bridge. For this, we invite you to participate: we want to know your projects and needs, what are you doing and where.

     Best regards !

    Isadora Latin Network.


  • Beta Platinum

    Thats cool. Would love to come once to Buenos Aires and Mexico. Keep on the good work

  • Thank you very much... You have to come !!

  • Fantastic! I was recently in BA and next time I'll have to look you up!

  • Excellent! Congratulations!

  • Thank you both ! 

  • Here we are, vengan...!!!