• Hello,

    I'm video designer.

    I'm have some serious crush situation with Isadora and Win.
    I have encourage opera in Beijing to
    buy Isadora Win usb edition. We are currently in the process of
    recreating the show/ opera, and the premiere is on the 23rd of August.

    I'm working on Isadora for around 5
    years, on different stages, differet shows, but I was always using mac computers. I have done this show 2
    times using Isadora (on imac) and there where no problems.

    This time we are using Pc computer:
    ASUS X99-DELUXE X99,DDR4,LGA 2011-3
    Intel Haswell-E Core i7-5930K (3.5GHz,15M Cache,LGA 2011-3) CPU BOX w/o
    Disply Card:
    AMD FirePro W9100 PCI-E 16GB GDDR5 (MDPx6)
    C Drive:
    SAMSUNG 850PRO 256G 2.5" SATA-3 SSD
    D Drive:
    SAMSUNG 850PRO 256G 2.5" SATA-3 SSD
    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit ENG
    Corsair DDR4 2400 32GB(8Gx4)
    CORSAIR 1000W Power Supply
    Professional Disply Card/Sync Card:
    NVAM FirePro S400

    Below I' have attached some crash reports.


    Generally what is happening is:

    1.During the work Isadora crushes unexpectedly

    2.Then it crushes with every startup. The program opens but freez'es- and you can do anything except kill it.

    3. Sometimes video flickers, and becomes glitchy, and sometimes it works well.

    4. When I'm deleting files from ...AppData/Roaming/... it helps for a while, till next unexpected crush...

    We are running std edition 2.5.2, registered temprorary, till the usb arrives...

    Can anyone has some idea what is the problem here?

    I'm really looking forward any feedback about our situation as we are running out of time. The premiere of this show is 23rd of August.

    Dear Marc & Isadora Team, I have send you an email also, hope you could find some time to look at it and help.


  • Izzy Guru


    What video files and codec are you using? Any live feed video? MIDI/OSC, etc? Are you doing any video mapping or tracking? Or just video playback.

    Just trying to get the overall idea.


  • @FOKA your system is crashing with QuickTime. Did you try Avi files instead. I am doing a big show with only Avi hap and don't have crashes.