"Initialize" updated across User Actors

  • Try using the "enter scene value" actor (outside of the user actor, one in each affected scene) instead of the initialize to give you your required value in each scene.

  • nice idea @CraigAlfredson - i was going to offer the same advice.

  • What I suggested is a great work around, but indeed if I understand correctly what Paco is describing, it is a bug and a bug report should be filed.


  • Dear Paco and All,

    I think Isadora is doing what it is supposed to do, even though it's not what you want it to do. 
    Remember: everything inside the user actor will be copied to all instances of that user actor, _including the one in the global toolbox_. The point of User Actors is that, when you save "Save and Update All" it really does update _every_ instance of that User Actor, so that all of them are exactly alike.
    So, consider the following scenario:
    1) Create User Actor with a Projector
    2) Set Projector's Vertical Position Input - Init Value chebkox enabled, value set to 25.0
    3) Close User Actor tab and "Save and Update All"
    4) Save User Actor to Global Toolbox
    5) Create three new scenes, add new User Actor from Global Toolbox into each scene
    6) Go to scene three, open user actor, set Init Value to 10.0
    7) Close User Actor tab and "Save and Update All"
    When you say "Save and Update All" in step 7, every User Actor in the patch is updated so that the Init Value is 10.0 -- _including the one in the Global Toolbox._
    If you want a value that changes by the scene, then you must add a User Input to allow that value to be "customized" for the scene. 
    So, maybe I'm not understanding your description from above. If not, the please correct me. But what I've described above is the expected behavior.
    Best Wishes,

  • I think the problem he is having is with the intensity variable which is outside the user actor using a User input.  The initialize should not update for stuff on the inputs globally.  For now use the Enter Scene Value Actor and uncheck initialize on all of them.  Sounds like a bug to me.

  • Dear Paco,

    Can you verify this? Is the "initialize" input you are referring to on the _outside_ of the User Actor? (I.e., an input to the User Actor?)

  • Yes, the stuff that is inside the global user actor updates like it should. This problem I am having happens in the Initialize values outside of the user, as one of the user inputs into the user actor. Which is weird since the values remain if they are set without an initialize.

    I have made a small example patch with instructions. 
    Thanks for your attention mark!


  • I just ran into this same problem.  Running Isadora Core 1.3.0f24 on a new 2014 Mac Pro.

    I set up several user actors with video & intensity inputs... projecting onto four hanging screens (with one physical projector). I'm using it to manage my masking - so the video & insensity inputs go into the user actors, and then it goes through some alpha masking and into a projector actor (within the user actor).
    On a regular stage, if I set the "initialize" on the user actor to a value, and then in another stage edit the user actor, and save and "update all" it will clear the initialize setting, and set the intensity to 0\.  To be clear, I'm not talking about an "initialize" inside the user actor - just on the outside of it (the input to the user actor).
    I'm using the "Enter Scene Value" actor as a workaround... but this is definitely the same bug as described by Paco above.

  • Dear All,

    Please file this bug report using the page at -- that way I won't lose track of it. I will ensure this gets fixed before the new release goes out.
    Best Wishes,

  • Done!  Thanks Mark.  If you want a copy of the showfile, just let me know.

    (For my own reference so I can find it for you later, the show was JLR Laguna June 11, 2014)

  • @Paco. Hello there. How are you? Long time, no see :)

    Wondering if you can try this Isadora test file (attached) and tell me if you see the same kind of initialisation setting problem you mention in this discussion. I have been troubleshooting this and it seems to be related to incorrect user actor saving rather than a bug, but if you can try this file and tell me if it works correctly for you or if it still drops the initialisation, that'd be great.. if you have time?

    After I saved the user actors in the way that the manual recommends, I haven't seen the behaviour that both you and @awilder describe.
    In short I have not been able to recreate the bug...

    If you do try it and still experience the bug, can you send in a bug report, Paco?

    (@awilder I already have a bug report and detailed correspondence from you, so at this stage I don't need you to send me another one.)

    thanks, Jamie