Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle and Matrox TripleHead2Go

  • Hi, does anyone have experience using the Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle as a video input of a DSLR Canon for the MacBook Pro and at the same time use the Blackmagic as an output connected to a Matrox TripleHead2Go (DP edition) to be able to split the video to 3 projectors?



  • Beta Platinum

    i think i did this some years ago. Should work

  • Izzy Guru


    I am not 100% sure but I guess the output is just a loop trough of the input, you cannot use the input manipulate it for example in Isadora and then send it out to the same Blackmagic device. I guess you only have one thunderbolt, is that right?

    Best Michel

  • @Michel

    Yes, only have one thunderbolt port, it is a 2012 MacBook Pro. 

  • Black magic outputs will not connect to triple heads, they will only output SMPTE standards.

    The intensity shuttle is not a duplex device, it is input or output not both at the same time.

    Almost all DSLR cameras output a cut down low resolution over HDMI when running live, so it is not the quality you see on the recordings.

    Apart from these issues, if you have sufficient ports and processing power you can run these devices together.

  • @Fred @Michel 

    Many thanks Fred and Michel, by the way, do you know anything about the quality and speed of video if I connect the DSLR via HDMI but using the Blackmagic intensity that connects via USB? This thinking to improve the quality of video a bit more, since until now we are transmitting directly by USB using the Canon2Syphone and we want to have a better resolution in the video since we now have a much better lenses for our caon 60D.


  • Hi Ismael,

    I've used in the past one BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle USB3.0 (analogue capture) and a Matrox Tripplehead DP Edition (2*1920x1080 output) together for a show.

    It worked great on my MacBookPro 15' - QuadCore i7 @ 2,66GHz 2012.