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    Is there a way to specify layers for content to stack as it heads into the multimix actor?  Maybe someone has made a user actor to do this....The traditional way would be to specify on the projector but my project is a multiscreen screen blend with alpha mask edge blends.  A user actor allowing me to specify which layer the content should live before the mulitmix would sovle most of my problems.  Thank you.


  • I had a lotof problems with this recently, I wish that multi-mix had a layer heirarchy and a blend mode option for each layer- then you could composite a layer and treat the composite as a single layer for effects afterward. I had to ditch Izzy for a show because of this, I never found a good workaround (QC will do it though so you can make a QC patch and get it out inside Izzy- not so good if you are using video and dont want the power loss).


  • Describe what you'd like to see the Feature Request topic. Then people can vote for it. I want to take advantage of the voting feature to help me know which features are the most critical to the community of users.

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