Kinect to izzy

  • I thought so. So maybe I should install everything I can find about kinect. Probably there is some library needed. but first I shall try to boot to the state I had in summer when I messed with kinect too. Did not get too far though.

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    Since we are talking about kinect's.... how interesting is this?

  • That's fun ! let's have the phone ringing & vibrating on the kinect all the time !

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    hahaha!! Good idea!

  • Hi Folks,
    Where did you get Isadora 1.30f26 ?!


  • So I'm trying to determine what packages you need to install to get this to work. Basically, the way I did it is to do a bunch of nasty and arcane unix style installs for libusb and OpenNI and others. A wonderful colleague called Andrew Sempere who is working here in Lausanne has a package that installs his Kinect app along with the required libraries and drivers using a normal installer. He offered to modify the installer to just install only the required libraries, and not his app. So I'll work with him to try to get that to happen in the next days. My suspicion is that it worked for Lanz because he had this stuff installed.

    If you are really dying to use this, you can bite the bullet and install the packages required by following instructions on the page given below. But let me warn you that I have **no idea** **how to uninstall this stuff** once you've added it to your system. It shouldn't cause any trouble, but please consider that you're installing low level drivers, etc., that have the potential to cause unforeseen problems.
    **NOTE 1:** You can stop before the step of installing NITE -- as this is not needed.)
    **NOTE 2:** when installing libusb-devel, I had to do the following before it would work properly
    sudo rm -f /opt/local/lib/libusb-1.0.0.dylib sudo port clean libusb sudo port install libusb +universal
    Good luck!
    Best Wishes,

  • P.S. Why is the dude in the tracking video dressed like a ninja?

  • Thanks Mark. Following your instructions above I got it running great.

  • using 1.30f26 with the Kinect Depth today continually froze up isadora so i reinstalled 1.3.0f24 and it worked like a dream. not sure why but i thought id mention it.

  • Two ore more kinects?

    Hi out there!

    Did anybody get 2 (ore even more) kinects running to isadora?
    No skeltons  needed - I would like to get the "ghosts" in better resolution  (and a better/broader field of view 1280 by 480) for a panoramic backdrop scene.
    Is this possible? would I need 2 pc's/ macmini's?

    graceful for every hint!

    cheers mickey

    AND: HEY I' wish you: The very best year of all !!!

  • Kinect Depth Plugin installed in /library/application support/trokatronix/ isadora plugins. Not showing up in Isadora 1.3.0f26. 

    Not complaining just feedback :-)

  • Skulpture,

    using ni mate v1.12 and izzy 1.3.0f26 and following your tutorial. the izzy stream setup will not auto detect osc values from ni mate. i had this working last March with an earlier version of izzy. any suggestions?? thx.

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    I will have a look tomorrow for you.

  • @mickey - it should be no problem to syphon out ghost video from 2 kinects into izzy - the QC syphon watcher can be assigned to a particular syphon stream.

    you can use NImate to create the ghost videos, but i think you need 2 licenses to be able to use 2 kinects.
    you can combine the 2 images/videos in Isadora to create your 1280x480, so in theory it should be fine, but i've only got one kinect and therefore one NImate license so i can't check it for you.

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    @vanderzee worked fine for me this morning.... ?

  • @dbini
     thanks for the message and concern! I'll check out next month  (-; holliday s ;-) and keep you informed ..greetz mickey

  • I'm just wondering if anyone has Mark's Kinect Depth actor working?  I can't seem to get it to work.

  • Dear Craig,

    I assume you followed the instructions listed above?
    Best Wishes,

  • I placed the plug in in the folder listed above.  I can't seem to find it anywhere in Izzy.  When I type search Kinect nothing comes up...

  • Dear Craig,

    But did you run all the installation instructions about **libusb and OpenNI** from my post in December? You must go through this procedure for the plugin to to work.
    Best Wishes,