Discussion - Creating a public place for sharing User Actors

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there all,

    The community has created some wonderfull user actors over the last few years and I was wondering or we ever are going to have a dedicated place online where we can look for 'User actors' of other authors.

    My question to you guys, how would such a User actor directory look like, what are the essential features ?

    And a thought, anyone up for creating a public Github repro where we host user actors and can submit others ?

  • Izzy Guru

    This has been talked about many times and we keep trying to implement it. @Michel has looked at many options and is probably the best person to update you on this.

  • Izzy Guru


    This will be a discussion at our next team meeting (probably this month). We have a solution how to present it. But still have to discuss how we handle the different user actors/patches. Do we first check them ourselves and decide if it is useful or not etc. And also how people can submit there actors.

    Best Michel

  • Beta Platinum


    Maybe as an inspiration this is a system that might be interesting: https://maps.djtechtools.com

    I like it because you can comment on the midi map and ask for updates on it.
    You don't have to check them yourself, the community checks them with a rating system
    Anybody can update a newer version and you can stay tuned when something changes on the midi map.
    And it is possible to add comments to each different version.

    Groeten Gertjan

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    As there are now a number of additional plug-ins for Isadora i.e. ArtNet and Rutt-Etra, it might make sense to have 'official' and 'User' submitted 'Add Ons' that can be searched by type, theme and version tracked. An easy way to link a forum discussion thread to a repository entry would be of benefit. A way for users to collaborate on specific developments would add to the community approach reminiscent of the attributes that have contributed to the success of this forum format. In terms of the viability of the submitted items - user community moderation and a company policy disclaimer that places the risk of use at the discretion of the end user. A flag function that allows notification of any issues that arise from the items use etc to be recorded.

    best wishes,