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    So I've gotten this DJ hero controller to work in Isadora but it's a little lacklustre - only the buttons work, not the spinny turntable or the fader.  The joystick (which shows up as "hat") seems to have a value associated with the direction I push - 1 through 8 - but no amplitude.

    It's the wireless USB version for PS2 / PS3, so I'm happy it works at all, but I think I might need to get a Wii version to really do fun silly shtuff with it.  It doesn't require OSC, it goes natively into HID stream of Isadora.

    I'm especially intrigued, for some reason, by the fact that all the DJ forums ruthlessly mock this device as "just a toy."

    I believe it needs a driver in order for OSX to read all the data, which of course no one seems to have bothered making...

    I think?  Anyone know of a better way to get this baby working?

  • @flick

    this guy has it working with Osculator. Config files download link in the description

  • @fubbi  Cool thanks!  That config link is useful.  He's using the wii one, though... you can see the actual wii controller in the body of the device, he seems to have removed the door from the controller compartment which is also shmart.

    Maybe I'll just get me a wii version...