• Hey all!

    I've worked on a few shows in the last year and encountered Izzymap crashing in the middle of mapping. The first instance we were running 3 outputs (1920 x 1200) and edge blending them to create a 5500x1080 surface. We thought at the time that the problem may have been the Blackmagic Micro SDI-HDMI converters we were using but in our most recent instance Izzymap crashing we're running DVI with boosters. 

    Currently, we've got 5 outputs (two 1920x1200 and three 1920x1080) with 4 of them (two 1920x1200 and two 1920x1080) edge blended to hit the floor for some interactive IR/Processing/Syphon magic. We were getting severe fish eye warping so we've been using Izzy Map to not only edge blend the 4 projectors but to "un-fish eye" the image so the IR tracking retains some semblance of the shapes intended (syphoned through Processing). Unfortunately, Izzymap keeps crashing and we've been losing work. We have the autosave option enabled but for some reason (this morning specifically) it didn't save for ~20 minutes and we lost a lot.

    Our next guess is that the computer isn't powerful enough to run everything? I don't have the specs available at the moment but can definitely provide when I get back to the theater.

    Anybody else encountering this issue? Any thoughts?



  • @kellyruokay

    Mark Coniglio, creator of Isadora here.

    Please open a ticket so that we can follow through with this link.

    There are several important pieces of information we need to help you.

    Are you on Mac OS or Windows? (I'm guessing Mac since you say Syphon.)

    What version of Isadora are you using?

    If you're on MacOS,  from the Finder choose Go > Go To Folder..., enter ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/, and click Go. Inside find the reports that start with Isadora... or IzzyMoviePlayer... from the days on which you had these crashes. Please then compress those files into a .zip file and attach them to your ticket.

    If you file a ticket we'll get on this right away. The crash reports are crucial to solving your problem quickly.

    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark!

    Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6

    Isadora 2.6.1

    I'll compile the .zip and send over the ticket in a bit.


  • @PaulieDazzle sent in the diagnostic reports for this show separately. Thanks!