[ANSWERED] How to create glitch effects?

  • Does anyone know how to create successful glitch effects in Isadora? Any actors I can download to help with it? 

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    you can try these effects http://v002.info/plugins/v002-...

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    Thanks! This will be very useful for a project I am currently working on.

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  • here's a glitcher i made for use with an improv music project i'm part of.


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    Here's my tips for creating a gorgeous "glitch":

    • First, you need well-chosen source material that we'll use Isadora to really mess up. You can use a live camera for this -- but I much prefer to grab short videos with really erratic images. Video clips of lightning strikes, water, some commercials, or other abstract imagery with lots of movement and colour work really well.
    • I also recommend having an image of the classic Windows "blue screen of death" or other snips of text that look like they came from a command prompt or code editor. For some reason these images really scream "glitch"

    Next, try passing the video through actors such as Dots, TT Pixilate, the Panner, and Explode. Explore various combinations, layers, and parameters. You'll want to use lots of Wave Generators set to Random to really mess the images and video up. Altering the value scaling here is key: if too little effect is applied, the glitch doesn't look "glitchy" and if too much is applied, it just looks like random pixels. Varying the rate, amount, and images really makes something quite striking. A key part of this effect is that once in a while, you want the underlying original video to be at least partially visible (if only for a split second).

    Once done, I really recommend using the Capture Stage to Disk actors to record the sequence on a loop, rather than mixing all this live. While running the "random" version produces a completely unique result each time, in practice things look similar night to night, and it really saves a lot of stability and processing power by recording the result as a movie which is simply played back instead.

  • Dear Community!
    Thank you for your great ideas!

    @michel / all: How do I need to install ".plugin" files to run in Isadora? I don't get it! Thanks again!

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    Well these are Quartz Composer plugins. You have to move the v002Glitch.plugin into the "alias" folder thats just next to the plugin. The arrow is showing onto it. Then you have to open the "example compositions" folder choose "For VDMX" and also open the "qxFX" folder. Move these 5 files to ~/library/compositions. Not all of them are working. And you have to play around with the settings and use "wave generator" plugins to automatic change values.

    Best Michel

  • Thank You so much everyone. Y'all are the Best!!

  • there are also shaders that do glitches