Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0-AJA U-TAP USB 3.0 Powered SDI and HDMI Capture

  • Hello all.

    I am ready to buy a capture device and I am confused what is better for isadora..

    I know that blackmagic works but,

    I don't know if AJA U-TAP is working with isadora and how can I connect them...

    I have windows version of isadora.

    Thank you in advance.


  • Tech Staff

    Hi there Tasos,

    Welcome to the Isadora Community forum. The AJA U-TAP should theorically work, the only way to find out is be either sending a support request and asking the staff or they have any experience with it or by asking the community.

    Sadly I don't know the device that you named and or it works with Isadora.

    Regarding your choice of product :

    The AJA U-TAP is basically a Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini (Retails for around 149 EURO) instead of the costy U-TAP that retails at 345 Dollar (!!), the only difference is that the Ultrastudio Mini is Thunderbolt and not a lot of Windows based PC / Laptops have Thunderbolt on them (They got USB C, but that is not Thunderbolt !)

    If you just need a capture device and the SDI port is not required (With SDI you can make longer runs of cable) then try a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (USB 3.0 edition, not the Thunderbolt one) https://www.blackmagicdesign.c...

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post in this thread.

    With kind regards,


  • Tech Staff

    I would recommend going the Black Magic route, as the hardware is well tested with Isadora, and the native drivers are integrated.
    The AJA may work well, but we have not tested it in house.

  • Thank you Juriaan and DusX, 

    I ended up buying the Blackmagic after all. 

    Now, in order to do what I need, I have to find some kind of remote camera that I will place approximately 40 meters away from my PC. 

    I guess its best if it's a small IP camera or something similar, definitely not USB though. 

    Do you have any suggestions on that? Also, how can I get such a device recognized by Isadora?

    Thanks again,


  • @tasglyk

    What are you going to use the camera for? That's the first question. For bringing video images into Isadora, or for tracking movement, or for something else?

    At 40 metres from your PC you're going to have some connection problems.

    At least with the Shuttle you have lots of choices of input.

    If you want HD then you can get any HD Video Camera or DSLR with a HDMI output (but you need to check it gives a 'clean' output) BUT if the camera is going to be 40 metres away you're going to have to use an HDMI extender, as HDMI really isn't reliable for a cable length longer than 5-10 metres.

    If you are happy with SD then you can use a camera with a Composite (video) out, and a good quality 75ohm Coaxial cable, but 40m might be too long for that: it all depends on the quality and strength of the signal from the camera, and the quality of the cable.

  • @mark_m

    I need the camera just for bring live video into isadora

    I don't really care about the quality, I think 720p is fine for me..

    I care about the delay of live input and the size of camera..

    I need small and light because I want to hang it over the stage...

    I thought something like pinhole camera with POE, but I don't know how isadora will recognize it, or small ip camera...

    Any advice accepted.

    Thank you.

  • I use a webcam for this: Logitech 920/930. Works great over powered USB Extenders. 



  • @tasglyk

    I agree with Hugh: webcam and USB extender would be easiest and simplest solution.
    I use an  Extron USB Extender Plus which works well but has the disadvantage that you have to power the receiver end. Many other extenders are available: I just happened to have this one.

  • @tasglyk

    Hi! Though I'm probably a lot less experienced than many in here I recently did something like what you're asking for with the USB 3 intensity shuttle.

    I used a Garmin Virb (essentially a GoPro equivalent) hung directly over the centre of the stage as a live feed. I bought a fairly standard 30m HDMI amplified lead with the ability to be powered (though I didn't use that option). I then projected the live feed on the cyclorama at the back of the stage. There was no appreciable lag and the effect was great. 

    The only issues I had was at startup, occasionally the Blackmagic drivers seemed to get confused and could find the device. A repair/reinstall of the black magic software fixed it along with turning the camera on and off again. I think that this was more my inexperience with the devices.

    I would just say two things, make sure you can access the camera setup remotely via Bluetooth/wifi or similar and test like crazy before you mount it up high.