[SOLVED] Epoccam on Windows 10

  • on win NDI is the best solution, but remember that NDIcam app is quite expensive

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    I haven't used epoccam. 

    There are Ndi camera apps..  perhaps there's one for iPhone. The NDI freeframe would let you get that easily enough.

    I have used this one

    On Android, but it's available for iPhone as well.

    This one is also available

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    @juriaan you don't need to convert ndi to spout.  There is a NDI ffgl that allows you to grab it straight in.

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    Anyone got info on Epoccam for Mac? I usually use AirBeam Pro, but I have a user asking me questions about Epoccam on Mac.

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    @citizenjoe @DusX 

    There are 3 NDI apps I know of for iPhone:
    The official one from NewTek called NewTek NDI Camera for $19.99.
    One from Austria called NDICam the cheapest one $ 9.99
    And the last one called JustWifiCam for $11.99, it says for free but the free version is with a watermark. At least you can test it before you purchase it.

    I guess the NDI freeframe is only for Windows, for Mac you need for example NDISyphon or you can use OBS with the NDI sources and syphon inject addon.

    Best Michel

  • Thanks you all for your help! I will look into the NDI options.

    @DusX  is the NDI FFGL plugin that you refer to the one on the Resolume forum, here:
    or something included in the NewTek NDI tools? or something else?

    Finally, is this is stupid question; I don't know.... How do you tell if a plugin is 64 or 32 bit (aside from when it says so on the website!)??



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    Seems to be. Made by the same dev as Spout.
    I have emailed him personally to find the last release version (its been discontinued), but should still work fine.

  • Hello again,

    I've installed the NDI FFGL plugin and these are the results:

    JustWifiCan works (demo version) but is very laggy...
    NDICam and New Tek NDI both show a picture, but only in moments. They each seem to capture a frame randomly every few seconds. Completely unusable. I wish these guys had demo version as I had to buy them to discover they don't work for me.

    Not sure what to try next. There are minimal controls in the apps. I'm trying this on my laptop at home on my home wifi, which should be fast, at an AC level: it's the modem that Shaw (in Canada) provides for their fastest home internet. I'll set up a dedicated network next and see if that makes a difference.



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    Hi there,

    Use a dedicated network and install the NDI Monitor (NDI Tools found on there website) that allows you to debug the stream, basically it allows you to view any incoming streams, that way you can figure out or it is an issue with the Network or local on your PC

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    I played around with the JustWifiCam (because of the demo) and used the OSB route. The computer had a wired connection to the router. I tested it in a large theatre and it worked quite well, except mixed results with the delay. The iPhone 4s worked better than an iPhone 6s. The lower the resolution the lower the delay.

    Best Michel

  • I meant to get back to this sooner to post the results of my tests.

    After lots of frustration with Epoccam, I went the NDI route. 

    I used this driver:, found on the Resolume forums.

    After testing 3 different iPhone apps (I wish that more of them had demo versions!), I found that the NewTek NDI app to be the only one to work for me. 

    I had a private wireless network that I set up (AC4000 with a range extender for good measure), and I found the whole set up to be 100% reliable, good image quality (in fact WAY better than my logitech 920 or 930, which were the wired back ups for the system) and lag that I could easily deal with.

    All in all, super easy to use and rock solid performance. I know that there are plans for Isadora 3 to natively support NDI, which will be even better, I expect.

    Highly recommended!

    Thanks for the help,