[ANSWERED] Isadora 3, FFGL. I cannot find 4 plugins out of 23 of them.

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    Could you please submit a ticket using the link in my signature saying which OS you're using, what version of Isadora 3 you're using, and that you're missing:

    - FFGLGradient

    - FFGLHeat

    - FFGLTime

    - FFGLAlphaRGB

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    @jjhp3 said:

    Sorry to butt in here, but I just upgraded to v.3 and don't have nearly as many FFGLs. I did the x_64 bit and wound up with 7 plugins. How to get the rest??

     Please also feel free to submit a ticket. We need more information such as whether you are using 3rd-party plugins or the new 64-bit TroikaTronix FFGL plugins for Isadora 3, as well as your operating system.

  • @woland

    Sorry, I am doing artist in residency right now and sometimes it is hard to connect to the world.

    I believe I'm using 64 bit ones. But, I cannot really check right now because of my schedule.

    I will submit about this asap.

    Thank you.



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    Isadora Version

    @Shigezo What was unclear about your post, and what I'd need you to clarify, is what version of Isadora 3 you are running

    If you are using the beta and you encounter an issue, we ask that you please bring up that issue on the beta forum, not the public forum. The reason for this is that it can be confusing for the tech staff, as well as non-beta testers, to discuss beta-related issues on public threads (especially if one or more non-beta users chime in with similar questions about the public release of the software on the thread and then the discussion weaves in and out talking about different versions of the software which often have different behavior [and sometimes even different or extra features]). For example, if a screenshot of a beta version that has a slightly different user interface (maybe an extra button, or re-arranged options, or an option in a menu pertaining to support for a codec/hardware not yet available in the public version) a non-beta tester can see that and understandably think that something is wrong with their version, that for some reason Isadora is missing something when they run it on their computer, or that they are experiencing unexpected behavior because something isn't showing up for them.

    There are also libel to be issues in the non-public betas that simply do not exist in the current public release of the software, so discussing those issues on the public forum can worry the general public about issues that do not and cannot affect non-beta testers (because they don't have access to the private beta in which the issue exists) and will never affect non-beta testers (because we iron out those kinks in the beta before we make it into a public release).

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    @shigezo I can tell from your screenshot that you're working with the 64-bit ones (I can see the date they were compiled), so you don't need to double check that for me. I think you may have thought I asked for this information because I asked @JJHP3 which plugins jjhp3 was using because it wasn't clear from their comment whether they were talking about: 

    1. Having migrated the old TT FFGL plugins from the Isadora 2 folder to the Isadora 2 folder and having issues (which would not be surprising and is not recommended)
      1. (Isadora 2 TT FFGL plugins for Windows are 32 bit, and wouldn't work). 
      2. The Mac ones could work, to the best of my understanding, though it's advised to get the new Mac TT FFGL plugins and install them for Isadora 3 fresh rather than migrating the old ones over so as to avoid accidentally migrating a mix of TT FFGL plugins and third-party FFGL plugins and also because some of the Mac plugins were probably updated/adjusted to work better with Isadora 3.
    2. Doing a fresh install of the new 64-bit TT FFGL plugins and experiencing issues (in which case we'd definitely like to investigate the issue since more than 7 should show up)
    3. Migrating third-party 32-bit FFGL plugins for Windows or some third-party FFGL plugins for Mac from the Isadora 2 folder to the Isadora 3 folder
      1. (Not recommended and hard to diagnose because we don't have those plugins to test with)
    4. Migrating or installing 64-bit third-party plugins for Windows or some third-party FFGL plugins for Mac
      1. (We'd have to know whether we're talking about third-party plugins here or not before we could start helping)

    @JJHP3 if you could please submit a ticket using the link in my signature we can help you figure out what the issue is in your case. When you submit the ticket, please send screenshots of what your FF folder in Isadora 3 looks like and a screenshot of your FreeFrame_x64 FF folder so we can see what plugins you have there in comparison to what is showing up in Isadora. We need more information such as whether you are using 3rd-party plugins or the new 64-bit TroikaTronix FFGL plugins for Isadora 3, as well as your operating system before we can sort out your issue.

    In your case @Shigezo , I know we are talking about the new Mac TT FFGL plugins because I could gather than information from your screenshot (thanks so much for including it)

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    @woland said:

    I did the x_64 bit

     It should be: /Library/Application Support/FreeFrame_x64

    Not: /Library/Application Support/FreeFramex_64

    Could that be the issue in your case?

  • Thanks for looking into this. In my case, I misinterpreted the plugins instructions. I now have all the standard FFGL available.  - John

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    @jjhp3 said:

    I misinterpreted the plugins instructions

    Having been the one to most recently update those instructions, I'd love to hear what tripped you up. I'm definitely open to feedback as to how to make those instructions clearer.

    If something is confusing, I'd like to rectify that.

  • OK- I am using a Mac.  Here's the line in the instruction rtf that confused me:

    6) Copy all the .bundle files from subfolders labelled “Macintosh” inside the folders “Recommended” and “Not_Recommended” to the folder:

    • For Isadora 3 — "FreeFrame_x64” (without the quotes) located at “/Library/Application Support/FreeFrame_x64” (without the quotes)
    • For Isadora 2 — "FreeFrame” (without the quotes) located at“/Library/Application Support/FreeFrame” (without the quotes)

    Why would I want to copy the "not recommended" files?? - but that's what I ended up doing to get all my FFGLs in place...

    Thanks for asking!  - John

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    @jjhp3 said:

    Why would I want to copy the "not recommended" files?? - but that's what I ended up doing to get all my FFGLs in place...

     Well if there is an effect you definitely need for your artistic work even though it is not recommended you would probably install it. 

    Best Michel

  • @woland

    Hello Woland,

    I am using 3.0.1, not the beta.

    I am just wondering if everyone can haved all FFGL without problem and this is only my problem...