New! Send PJLink actor for Isadora 3

  • Dear All,

    So I've just published the new Send PJLink actor on our plugins page. If you don't know PJLink, it's a standardized protocol that allows you to send commands to a projector (e.g., turn off, turn on, open the shutter, close the shutter) over a TCP/IP connection. Note that not every projector has PJLink -- usually it's found on higher end models. 

    In any case, this is something people have wanted for ages and have struggled to implement using Isadora's TCP/IP actors. The beta testers have found it to work well, but I want the commuity have a go and give us feedback before we announce this new actor far and wide.


    Instructions: https://support.troikatronix.c...

    The Mac and Windows plugins are both included in the .zip file.

    If you have any trouble, or have feedback regarding actor itself, or the instructions, etc., please post them here.

    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks for this guys!

    Got it working with our room at Production Park very easily!


  • So thrilled about this! Will put it into play asap. Standby for feedback :-)