• I am having a lot of trouble with the glsl editor, on windows it becomes super slow, and on OSX and windows it often loses focus no matter what I click on.

    On both platforms it cannot be resized (it would be great if it could be).

    Also with multiple patches open I cannot open 2 glsl editors (one it each patch), this would be great and handy for editing.

    Also it would be good if a non working shader could be closed and not work, and save the file as is (maybe disable the output if the shader does not compile.


  • @fred

    Noted. I must admit that the editor could be improved... the code for colorizing the text is slow, even though I struggled to make it better for the 3.0.6 release.

    I will come back to this if the popularity of using this editor warrents. But the better solution is to open the code in the editor of your choice. That's a thing I will put into the next major release, as it will basically address all of your requests above.

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark launching an external editor would be a fine solution, especially if it could auto reload when the file is saved so we can see progress.


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    @mark said:

    I will come back to this if the popularity of using this editor warrents.

     I would advocate for the built-in editor to be effective for small tweaks when prototyping (and it is already until it becomes unresponsive). There is a complication around versioning that would be better facilitated through a linked external editor. By accessing the shader code from the file and being able to save directly back to the file in the glsl folder would provide a benefit to assist versioning custom shaders.

    best wishes