A simple way to package a show file

  • The thing that i want adding to isadora the most is a simple quality of life feature.

    We all know that if we follow best practices, all of the source fikes for ohr media will be placed in logical locations in our file systems meaning that they will never be moved accidentally.

    We also know that things sometimes get messy whst we're working. What i would like is for there to be a simple archiving script built into isadora that packages a finished isadora project along with all of its media. This would bebrilliant for archiving, or moving a project to a second computer (redundancy isnt a terrible idea for a lot of projects afterall) 

    Whether this is achieved in a manner that runs "as is" or needs to be "unpackaged" i don't care,  i just want a simple one click* way of doing this.

    Basically, i care more about a simple workflow than conserving storage space.  

    That's it really, 


    (* ok "one-ish click" I'm fine with a window opening up and asking me where to save the archive file.)

  • Ah, i just read the comments on a previous similar request.

    I see that this isn't really viable at the moment. 

    Oh well, i can dream i suppose. 😉

  • Tech Staff

    Hopefully one day it will be possible for us to include this.