Arduino for Non-Programmers (Firmata Support)

  • hello all,

    in the last month we get close to the boarders of doing art by digital networks.

    so in our case the only way to expand the possibilyties at the moment is to break out networkted

    data back to real world in other ways than pixel and sounds.

    at the moment we are still no programmers, so we do all our basic sensor and physical control work,

    with a horrible complicated chain of tools.

    we send out osc or midi from isadora to ableton, take the comand in ableton and map it with a maxforlive instrument via

    usb, serial to a arduino with THE standart firmata sketch.

    so, it works, but we think everyone can see the way erverybody without coding skills can use the complete pin posssibilyties

    on arduino. so we think this is a very cool way to bring non programmer in contact, and make them interressted in learning

    real coding, a bit.

    so, woland said about 10 month ago, it is a good feature request, but we want to ask on this place another time,

    maybe someone out of the community is able to do a useractor to reach the physical possibilyties of arduinos

    standart firmata sketch. 



  • @deflost I think that's a great idea for a feature request. A user actor or maybe even a plugin?

    I am not able to write isadora plugins, but if anyone is, there are examples for many code languages here:

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there, 

    Let's say that this is a huge undertaking to make this as an user plugin without access to the Isadora SDK. Simple said, the Firmata side of isadora has too many components (JavaScript calls) to compile it inside Isadora currenty JavaScript feature set..

  • @juriaan @fubbi @deflost

    Note: moved my post about the upcoming Arduino Firmata actor to a new thread.

    But, it seems the original poster (@deflost) has left the forum. So I don't know if he'll see this reply. But basically I have a new actor working that allows Firmata communication.

    @DusX @Woland and all: if anyone knows how to email @deflost (initials R.H.?) I can let them know we did this. Since he deleted himself from the forum, I can't see his email anymore.

    Best Wishes,

  • Izzy Guru


    Dear Mark

    Didn't Ingmar or Carsten make a backup of the forum, possibly you can get his email from there.

    Best Michel

  • @michel said:

    Didn't Ingmar or Carsten make a backup of the forum, possibly you can get his email from there.

    Thanks. But @Woland found it. 

    Best Wishes,