Izzy Map Publish Blend Mode (feature request)

  • Re: [[LOGGED] Publish Blend Mode from Izzy Map (feature request)](/topic/6087/logged-publish-blend-mode-from-izzy-map-feature-request)

    As per the above previous request, I just want to add my voice to the desire to be able to publish the IzzyMap blend mode, so that I don't have to make a separate user actor for each blend mode, and thus have to copy and paste each projector mask multiple times once I've fit each to the scenic elements. Thanks!!

    (I was unable to find this directly in the feature request list to vote for it; not sure why)

  • hi could your pb be solved using user actors ? you can insert a projector in a user actor, modify it's mapping/blend and then close macro asking "save and update all" which could avoid repetitive mapping to each one in you patch...