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    An Isadora user asked me recently what is needed to interface a Kinect v2 with a USB-C MacBook Pro in terms of extra power supply, cables, and adaptors. (I'm also interested in getting one myself, so this question is as much for me as it is for them.)

    With Isadora 2, I remember the Kinect v2 was better on Windows or Windows-only, but I know that with Isadora 3 the new OpenNI plugins allow for the use of the Kinect v2 with a Mac on the software side. On the hardware side, I vaguely remember there being something tricky about need to custom-make something to do with the power supply.

    Can anyone shed some light on what's needed to work with a Kinect v2 on USB-C-based MacBook Pro?

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    Well, the Kinect 2 requires an USB A adapter kit. The port of the Kinect 2 is for the Xbox, and needs to be converted to USB A.
    Since you have only USB C you will also need an USB A to USB C adapter.
    This is an example of the USB adapter needed: https://www.newegg.ca/p/2NG-00...

  • Thank you for your answer, that seems to be no problem. Another question: an alternative to the Kinect V2 would be the Orbbec Astra: there are two versions, the Orbbec Astra and the Orbbec Astra Pro which supports UVC, so enabling the user to stream 30 FPS 720P RGB stream together with 30 FPS VGA Depth and it has anenhanced RGB performance. Does Isadora support both types and is the enhanced RGB performance an advantage?

    Thank you, Hendrik.

    Isadora 3, MacBook Pro (16 Zoll, 2019)/ 2,4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9/2TB/32 GB  RAM/2667 MHz DDR4/Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

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    Hi Hendrik,

    I can report on the Astra Pro and the Astra Mini. They have performed very well with the Isadora plugin. The depth sensor and the RGB camera are separate video signals from the device. The RGB camera of the Astra Pro is recognised as a regular webcam. So your question about that is really answered by asking yourself if you want the extra resolution and quality of the RGB video signal. I can tell you that it works well and the OS will detect the RGB camera through regular webcam software. On the Mac you need the Isadora plugin to access the Astra depth camera signal. 

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  • @woland said:

    On the hardware side, I vaguely remember there being something tricky about need to custom-make something to do with the power supply.

    There are a fair number of articles online about adding a USB 3 cable and an extra power supply, as shown in this video. But this method requires cracking open the Kinect and so you must be confident for that kind of teardown and reassembly.

    But you can also just buy an adapter apparently. I searched for "Kinect one adapter" on Amazon, and found several possibilities, e.g., this one. The prices all seem to be around US$ 35.00.

    @Fred I think you are more experienced with this. Can you confirm what I'm saying here?

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    Hi Russell, 

    thank you, this fully answers my question.

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