• Hi all,

    I'm in a workshop process right now for streaming a show and I'm finding that I'm constantly being asked to try things different ways, but don't necessarily want to delete what I already had created just in case we want to go back to it... If i may add to a master wish list (should there be one), a "disable scene" option? rather than disconnecting a node I later have to find, or reordering cues back and forth, it would be so helpful if I could just right click a scene, disable it, and then it gets skipped over in the cue stack until its re-enabled? Is there a way to do this already that I'm missing? Anyways, no pressing concern but thought I'd put it out into the universe in case someone else thinks this would be a useful feature.


  • Izzy Guru


    I would love to have this feature too. For now I just move the not wanted scene at the end of the scenes.

    Best Michel

  • Beta Platinum


    I agree. Disable scene seems like something that should already be a feature. My workflow is the same as @michel, I pull unused scenes to the far right of any that are being cued.

    Best wishes


  • @weston Me too, I have the same 'drag right' workflow. I guess the management of jump actors is the complication; I'd suggest if a scene was 'disabled' that it is invisible to the jump actors?