Feature request: user input and output label actor

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    When I make user actors i sometimes have a ton of inputs and outputs. To make it more legible I sometimes add a dummy input or output and name it "——" to separate groups of ins and outs. But it still has a number box next to it so it's not a great solution. 

    I wish there was a "label" user actor input and output, without value. Here is an example of what I mean

    It would help make user complex user actors more friendly (built-in actors like 3d Particles could do with some input grouping love as well).

    Thank you


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    I would have to agree that having a way to divide inputs and outputs of user actors would be a great feature. Being able to color code, label and segment inputs and outputs of User Actors would add great efficiency and the ability to better organise and manage user actor functionality.

    Best wishes