Thu Jan 14th (Tomorrow!): Isadora Guru Session #19: Body Tracking with the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro™

  • Want to bring high-quality, markerless motion capture data into Isadora? Then next week's guru session is for you! Please join us on Thursday January 14th at 6pm CEST (5pm UK / 12pm EST / 9am PST) for Guru Session #19: Body Tracking with the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro™. 

    Yours truly will show you how to link the Smartsuit Pro™ to the real-time media generation and modulation features in Isadora, and also discuss what makes Rokoko's system different from other mocap solutions. Click the link to watch on Jan. 14th!

    Hope t see you there.

    Best Wishes,

  • Here's the files you need for today's Guru Session:

    Click to download

    See you in a bit!

    -- Mark