Markerless motion capture recent progres. And for face too?

  • Beta Gold

    Wow... I want it !!!! (dreaming is goooood).

  • @Armando

    Looks good, but from the Vimeo page

    This take uses 3 DSLR cameras, though, and pretty far from being real-time. It still has some glitches in poses from time to time, which can be easily fixed with some manual keyframed clean up, but I kept it as it is for the demo purpose.

    So some limitations there.

    That said, I join you the dream: markerless tracking with a normal RGB camera that gives real time output and tracks multiple bodies. Yes, please.

    Best Wishes,

  • Beta Gold

    @mark I know, but check this scientific paper. Multiple people are tracked (better to say that tracking is estimated) with a monocular gb camera. Occlusions and interactions are handeled. It is serious (Max Plank institute of informatics....)