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    In order to emprove the interaction with modern light system I think that a support for GDTF standard should be very interesting if you add this with yet implemented support to ARTnet protocol.


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    @maximortal said:

    GDTF standard

     It's interesting. How supported is it by manufacturers at this time?

  • @dusx  I did a quick check, and so far, only GrandMA3 accepts this protocol.  ETC and other manufacturers do not.  I did read that MALighting and Vectorworks are hoping to make it a standard for the industry.

  • @sean there are quite a few more: here

    I am a grandMa/vectorworks user and I too have high hopes on this format. And MVR (my virtual rig) as well.

    It would be interesting to discuss what isadora would be able to do with these files if they were supported.
    A user actor with inputs that adapt to the channels required by the fixture perhaps? The data logistics scope of anything more than a few fixtures is kind of nuts and I would rather send MA a few midi/osc blips to cue events. But for plaing with a few movers, it woul be great to have the channels premapped in isadora.

  • @fubbi said "there are quite a few more: here"

    Thanks for the list.  I missed that in my search yesterday.  I do think this has potential, as long as all manufacturers agree to play. In the past, that hasn't always happened.