• I’ve had it with Apple! Not even two years with my laptop the screen goes bad for what i suspect is a bad cable and they want to charge me the price to replace the whole screen instead of a mere cable. Im so done with their senseless updates, plethora of dongles, and inability to self repair that I’ve decided to make the move to PC. 

    Can anyone recommend me a PC that handles Isadora well? I primarily use my laptop for 360° video editing, Ableton and Isadora. Has anyone had experience moving their Izzy patches from Mac to PC? Is there anything I should be made aware? I don’t have a budget for this, just trying to get a general idea of whats out there. 

    Thanks Izzy Community!


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    @carlos said:

    experience moving their Izzy patches from Mac to PC

     Generally moving between Mac and PC is very easy, however, there are a few things you must be aware of.

    1. Mac has CI actors, AU actors, and Quartz actors. These do not exist on PC
      In your case I wonder if you are using audio routing via AU actors inside Isadora?
    2. Syphon becomes Spout (some re-patching required to change these actors)
    3. 3rd party plugins you have used may not be available

    I work with Ableton, Isadora, and even some 360 video at times.. I have no issues on PC

    Generally any Gaming laptop will serve you well. There are many conversations in the forum about PC laptops.
    I suggest being sure the laptop has at least a mini-display port built in. These ports are always built into the dedicated graphics card (not the intel gpu) and offer a lot of extensibility.

    This forum post is worth reading: https://community.troikatronix...