• Hey Everyone!

    Anyone has experience streaming from a GoPro to Isadora?
    I am doing a show where I need to use 2 cameras on stage for live input, and I am trying to find the best way to do this wirelessly.
    I have 2 analog capture cards (black magic and a USB one) - so if the GoPro doesn't work - Anyone knows of an affordable or rentable wireless SD transmitter/receiver?

  • GoPro is an amazing camera, but not for live streaming.

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    Does that stand for the GoPro3 as well.. I was hoping this models WIFI feature might allow IP streaming?

  • vanakaru, You mean it doesn't do a good job? or it doesn't work at all?

    Can you please provide more information?

  • I have HD3 black. WiFi streaming is good for preview with the mobile app only and runs with about 4 sec delay. There is an app for OS X 10.7 similar to mobile.

    I have not tried too hard to get it to work.
    This camera is very small packed with FullHD60fps; 2K30fps and 4K15fps filming in ProTune with RAW white balance....
    So it is too much(and unnecessary to my opinion) ask more for WiFi. The heat that processes produce is a problem already. It is made for fast action filming and photography - anything else is a bonus.
    I would use dedicated IP camera if you need IP streaming. These are developed for the task and are more reliable
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    Good to know.. I am getting one for another purpose, so I will test anyway.. but its good to not expect it to be ideal for Isadora work.

  • Has anyone made any progress on this?

    I was in a meeting today for a dance production and was asked if a dancer could wear a gopro and then have that content mixed with pre-recorded video and projected back on stage. I've only done this with hard wired cameras before.

    I've been messing around wit the VLC player and gopro wifi but have not tried to get that feed into Isadora.

    Any suggestions?


  • Hi klawrence! I ended up not getting to the part where I try it with isadora at all because the delay was way too much.. It's like 3-4 sec and that really didn't work for us with the production I was doing. Ido.

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    I have heard VJ's on other forums saying not use them.

    The live feed is very slow and not reliable, it is only really for a reference really.
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    My testing show a major video delay.. around 10 seconds, with Hero3 Black edition.

  • Cool thanks everybody.

    I think I need to put together some other camera rig more like a small camera, transmitter, battery pack and have the receiver go into Isadora thru a xlr8.

    Thanks again

  • well, as i said in another post. we are using 3 ipod4 with a clip on lens (fisheye) and epocam for almost 4 weeks now and it works like charm. and syphon to video lets you choose the cam you need in isadora. our performers wear a belt with the iPods. But be aware that the front and the rear camera have different resolutions!!

  • Yeah I'm using a couple wireless surveillance camera systems into isadora via XLR8 interfaces. Since the distance from the stage to the tech booth is close and its all line of sight I'll be ok with the setup. Also being a simple SD video signal helps with the gritty look I want.

    Gapworks, your solution sounds good. I think I will try it when I need higher quality video feeds. I have to also stop being scared and learn the whole syphon thing...I got into this whole thing as a lighting designer and cinematographer so too much computer stuff kinda spooks me which I really need to get over.

    Thanks everyone for the input.