My new plugin : CharacterCount (text length)

  • Hi,

    Here is a new plugin I made. Its purpose is to give you the length of a text.
    - Input text
    - Linebreak mode (windows CR/LF, mac CR, unix/macosx LF). 
    - Ignore new lines
    - Ignore tab characters
    - Ignore space characters
    - Autocount on input change
    - Trigger counting
    - Text length
    - 'Length updated' trigger
    You have to choose the proper mode according to the input text or else the result will be erratic... If you use e.g. [this other plugin]( to generate text, you have to make both linebreak modes match with the same value. If your text comes from an Isadora actor, just choose linebreak mode according to the OS you work on. More info: []( 
    - Windows DLL (to install, just copy the .dll file into ‘IsadoraInstallationFolder\Isadora Plugins’, e.g. C:\Program Files\Isadora\Isadora Plugins. Don’t forget to restart Isadora.)
    - 2 Visual studio 2010 source files, feel free to compile it using xCode for a Mac version
    I haven't tested it much yet, so please post a comment below if something doesn't work.
    Have fun ;)

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    Thanks for sharing :)

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    Thank you.

  • ;)

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    nk you.

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    Thank you,

    For mac, I haven't tried to compile it but sinds the javascript actor I've been using this code:

    function main()
    var str = arguments[0];
    var n = str.length;
    return n;

    The javascript actor is very helpful for text. I also use it to split, trim,... 

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    Thought this might interest you, in relation to your pet project.