I'm running some introductory workshops for artists wishing to explore camera tracking basics in Isadora.

(not sure how v3 will affect these, but excited to find out!)

dates are:

LIVERPOOL - Fri 14th June - tickets £15 - Eventbrite
MANCHESTER - Fri 21st June - tickets £15 - Eventbrite

please spread the word if there are any people new to izzy in the NW UK - should be a fun session. More info below.

An introductory workshop for anyone interested in making live video camera systems for interaction (colour / motion tracking).

About this Event

Want to make the moon follow you around on stage? Or mix music using coloured post-it notes? Generate live visuals through movement? Generate data from your webcam?

This is a introductory workshop for anyone interesting in making live video camera systems for interaction (colour / motion tracking) and generative design without having to code.

We'll be using the software ISADORA - popular in theatre, performance and art installation. Isadora has some really simple camera tracking tools, meaning that even with something as basic as a webcam, you can develop pretty sophisticated systems. These can then be easily integrated with Isadora's other tools such as projection mapping, video mixing, triggering sound, etc. 

Overview of the session:

Isadora interface

setting up webcams and other cameras

tracking movement

tracking position

tracking colour

calibration and scaling

creating own installation


You will need:

Laptop (pc / mac)

Install Isadora beforehand (demo version free) - https://troikatronix.com/


We will provide:


usb webcams

I've tried to keep the ticket price down as low as can be to make sure that it's accessible. Thanks to Liverpool Screen School and Liverpool School of Art and Design at LJMU and Arts Council England for helping to make this happen.

This workshop is part of PORTALS - an Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grants funded project - touring my sci-fi interactive projection mapping installation round the NW.