I'm afraid this doesn't work. The destination computer requests the custom files that are not included in the 'run-only' version even if they are embedded in a User Actor.

At the moment, if I save a project as 'run-only' with custom-made actors that use shader code, they are requested by the destination computer, and need to be added to a folder for the patch to function. If I pick the code individually out of each custom-made actor, and place into a new GLSL Shader actor in each instance before saving, the code is then included in the 'run-only' version, and the recipient does not need to put additional files on the destination computer. This is highly desirable in situations where projects are being installed remotely, by non-specialist persons, but it's a fiddly task.

All I am asking is that saving a project as 'run-only' can by default embed the code contained in the custom GLSL Shader Actors, without having to re-insert them into many new actors through the patch. 

This would make the process less complicated for both sender and recipient. It seems to me to be in the interest of Isadora to be an install-friendly application for galleries, museums, etc.